Biography of Freddie "Fonk" White aka Sirlogic   
Producer / Songwriter / Musician- Bassist / Engineer
Born in Oakland California, Freddie has spent
endless hours teaching him self to play multiple
instruments, learning to write and produce music by
listening to records, and studying different musical
techniques.  Some of the influences came from
Roger Troutman, Louis Johnson, Bootsy Collins,
Marcus Miller, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and  
BabyFace to name a few. Freddie developed and
mastered his own unique style, adapting the same
work ethic and skills of his favorite legendary players,
giving him a playing edge. He has been blessed in
recent years with many opportunities including
performances with
Con Funk Shun, Gary Taylor,
Jay King (solo project),  Howard Hewitt, and has
worked in the studio with
George Clinton and Ollie
(former lead singer of the Temptations).  

Currently, Freddie tours with "Lenny Williams"
former lead singer of Tower of Power, and also
performs with
"Club Nouveau", and Prince
"BlkMagic" Damons
. Although he is known for
being a great bassist, he also owns, operates, and
maintains his own project recording studio
(Peek a
Boo studio)
.. allowing him the tools to create music
of all types, becoming that well rounded and diverse
musician that fellow artists crave. After time,
experience, circulation and persistence, Freddie
became a prominent and respected songwriter,
producer, and grade A engineer, playing and
important role in many successful projects. Some of
his most recent work can be heard on several
different programs and commercials in the U.S. and
throughout the world including: Australia, Brazil, Hong
Kong, Mexico, France,  Sweden, Germany,
Amsterdam, South Africa, and Spain to name a few.  
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